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We provide tempering services after normal neutral hardening, double hardening, atmospheric carburizing, carbonitriding or induction hardening in order to reach the desired hardness/toughness ratio for your application. By tempering metals, we can reduce their hardness and increase their toughness to adapt materials properties (hardness/toughness ratio) to your specified application. 

We provide tempering in three main groups: Low temperature (160-300°C): for case hardening components and cold working tool steels. Typical hardness requirement is around 60 HRC. Tempering of spring steels (300-500°C): for spring steels or similar applications. Typical hardness requirement is around 45 HRC. High temperature (500°C or higher): for quenched/tempered steels, hot working tool steels and high speed steel. Hardness will vary from 300HB to 65HRC dependent on material. 

Tempering is normally performed in our furnaces whichcan be equipped with a protective gas option. Protective gas will prevent the surface from oxidation during the process - used for higher temperatures. No matter what your materials, we provide the optimal tempering needed to ensure highest quality and longest life.

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