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August 25, 2017

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If you cast your eyes up towards the top of this page you will see a brand new banner ad from a company by the name of Vesco-McLaughlin based in East Windsor, Connecticut-there is a rather interesting story behind this company. Vacuum Engineering Services Co., Inc. was formed in 1983 by Jim Evans to provide support services to the vacuum processing industry. In early 2017 the owner decided it was retirement time and hired a firm to help find a buyer for the company.

“The Monty” picked up on the listing and we had a brief mention on the website at the time. This brief mention came to the attention of Mr. Jeff McLaughlin a very ambitious individual who owns McLaughlin Services in Avilla, Indiana. Jeffs’s background is a lifetime in the furnace building/rebuilding business which lead to him forming McLaughin Services back in 2007 to rebuild, service and build new heat treating equipment. Jeff saw the opportunities at Vesco and a deal was quickly reached.

The new acquisition compliments McLaughlin’s recent decision to set up a location on the west coast meaning the company now has locations on both the east and west coasts with the central location in Indiana.

So if you noticed our mention that Jeff is an ambitious fellow you can now see why; from nothing to three locations servicing the heat treat industry in just 10 years is quite an achievement.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

Jeff McLaughlin, McLaughlin Services / June 2018

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