Rebuilding Existing Furnaces

McLaughlin Services

Rebuilt Furnaces – Better than New

McLaughlin Services rebuilds all types of furnaces, and is the largest rebuilder of furnaces in the nation. Most (but not all) are rebuilt at McLaughlin’s state-of-art manufacturing facility. The furnaces are stripped down to the shell, and then sandblasted down to the bare metal. Warped metal is straightened or replaced, and cracks are repaired & reinforced. The lining is re-bricked including proprietary hearth and door lintel designs. The combustion system is upgraded with fuel efficient burners and state-of-art controls. Door and elevator mechanicals are upgraded with rugged, yet easy to maintain systems. With years of experience, McLaughlin knows the weaknesses and typical failure modes of most furnaces. When rebuilding the furnace, many items are reinforced for longer life. Many components are upgraded to modern, more robust designs. When complete, the rebuilt furnace is better than when it was first built.

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