In 2007 Jeff McLaughlin, founded McLaughlin Services and quickly become an industry leader.

Then in 2017, McLaughlin purchased Vesco, a vacuum service company based in East Windsor, Connecticut, that opened in 1983.


Today, the new McLaughlin Furnace Group, is recognized as an innovative pioneer in the heat treat industry. Blending cutting-edge technology with over 100 years of combined expert experience on staff, McLaughlin Furnace Group has set an industry standard for elite customer service and custom, go-to solutions.

McLaughlin Furnace Group

With McLaughlin Furnace Group,

you’re guaranteed:

  • Innovated technology to answer your heat treat needs

  • Reliable fabrication and durable quality up to your satisfaction

  • Custom manufacturing to meet your specific design requirements

  • Speed of service with onsite maintenance and emergency repairs

My role in life is to make a difference in the heat treat industry. To change it to make the industry different from what I’ve seen. We have a lot of experience that can help a customer that is open minded about bringing in new technology to their facility and trying that new approach.
— Jeff McLaughlin, President

McLaughlin Furnace Group is a one-stop shop for new equipment, good service and an all-round, troubleshooting experience for the customer.

We offer custom products and services

In a trade dominated by changing standards, tighter tolerances and a gamut of high technology integrations, McLaughlin has always brought quality to the forefront in every project we have been involved with.


Our first furnace was designed and built by Jeff McLaughlin in Avilla, Indiana

To list everything McLaughlin Furnace Group does would take some time. Needless to say, the company is much more than the maintenance and repair shop it started out as in 2007. When it was first established, McLaughlin Services offered complete furnace rebuilds, including structural fabrication, refractory, piping, rigging, mechanical assembly, electrical and controls. But it didn’t take long for the Avilla, Ind., company to branch out. Shortly after opening its doors, McLaughlin Services started fabrication of car-bottom, temper and atmosphere furnaces and support equipment. Since then, this MTI Silver Member has started supplying custom flow panels and piping as well as custom, easily expandable endothermic generators.

Additional services offered include rigging, transportation, tear-outs, structural fabrication, piping (atmosphere and fuel gas), mechanical assembly (including pneumatic, hydraulic and power transmission), electrical wiring (power control and thermocouple), and controls (panel building and installation). Scale of service varies from individual component replacement to complete furnace removal and rebuilding. Furnaces can be upgraded to meet current standards and converted from electric to gas. State-of-the-art pulse-fired burners can also be installed on your existing furnace(s).